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Why Rebuild when you can save money buying a new
Tatung Motor?

For example, let's say you have a 250hp, 3600rpm, ODP motor which is rated at 90% efficiency. This motor quits running, so you take it in to have it rebuilt. It will cost approximately $4357.00* to have it rebuilt. Remember every time you rebuild a motor you will loose efficiency. After rebuilding your old 250hp motor, it efficiency would be only 88%, a respectable rebuild. Over the course of one year (6000 hours), this 250hp motor rated at 88% efficiency will cost $89,011.36 to run based on $0.07/KWH (cost=hp x .746 x hrs x rate x 100/eff.)

If, on the other hand, you bought a new Tatung motor to replace the old one you would recoup the difference in cost of buying a new verses rebuilding in 33 days! Here's how:

A new 95% efficient Tatung Supermax WH2502 DFA 3600 RPM ODP motor bought from ARESCO will cost $4940.00** ($4730.00 Buyers club pricing). A new Tatung motor also comes with a 3 year warranty.

This new Tatung 250hp motor has a 95% efficiency rating. At the same $0.07/KWH rate, it will cost $82,452.63/year to operate. This means a savings of $6558.73 per year in electrical utilities over rebuilding your existing motor. Why rebuild when you lose this money every year? Over 10 years you would save approx. $65,587.32 in electric bills, just for buying a new Tatung motor from ARESCO instead of rebuilding your old motor. You can't go wrong with ARESCO and Tatung Here's the details:

Old 250hp motor rebuild cost*: $4,357.00
Old 250 hp motor electrical cost for one year after rebuild (88% eff.): (hp x .746 x hrs x rate x 100/eff.) =$89,011.36

New Tatung 250hp motor cost (standard pricing): $4,940.00
New Tatung 250hp motor electrical cost for one year (95% eff.): (hp x .746 x hrs x rate x 100/eff.) =$82,452.63

Difference in motor cost, new vs. rebuild: ($4,940-$4,357) =$583
Difference in electrical cost for one year (6000 hrs): (88% eff.-95% eff.) =($89,011.36-$82,452.63) =$6558.73

Your savings for one year to buy a new motor, including new motor cost: ($6558.73-$583) =$5,975.73

Your electrical savings for ten years (typical expected motor lifetime): ($6558.73*10) =$65,587.30

Your electrical savings for one month to buy a new motor: ($6558.73/12) =$546.56

Your electrical savings for one day to buy a new motor: ($6558.73/365) =$17.97

Days needed to recoup difference in cost of buying a new motor: ($583/$17.97) =32.4 days

This example is for a 250hp motor, $0.07/KWH electric rate, and 6000 hrs./yr. We invite you to use your current motor and electrical rate in the above equations and see for yourself how much money you can save.

*Motor rebuild cost includes rewinding and new bearings, price example based off average rebuild costs for this motor horsepower and frame, rebuild pricing may vary.

**ARESCO Standard pricing, Buyers Club pricing will be lower. All prices subject to change without notice.