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A Tradition of Quality From A Name You Trust

In business since 1984, ARESCO, Inc. prides itself on being a company large enough to serve you, yet small enough to know you. When you deal with ARESCO, you can be sure that you are dealing with the right people who can get you the answers and equipment you need now.

ARESCO was started by Fred Lingelbach, after a very successful 30 years at Vilter Manufacturing Corporation. Soon he was joined by his son John, and the two of them have continued to offer unparalleled service, technology, and support in an industry replete with so called 'consultants'. ARESCO prides itself on not only giving you practical, real world experience, but also superior products that make your life easier.

ARESCO now is one of the most capable Design-Build, Turn-Key in the United States. We have recently teamed up with HDR, Inc., and Architectural/Engineering powerhouse with over 3,000 Architects and Engineers and over 60 offices nationwide. Together, ARESCO and HDR brings you expertise for every aspect for your project. When we say "Design-Build" and "Turn-Key", we mean EVERYTHING.

ARESCO is also an active member of IIAR (International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration) in which Fred is a past member of the distinguished Piping Committee. ARESCO is also a member of RETA (Refrigeration Engineers & Technicians Association).

Fred and John Lingelbach are now holders of 5 United States Patents, and One Patent Pending Design. These Innovative Patents Include:

The Lingelbach Industrial Refrigeration System: This system uses roughly half the amount of ammonia of a traditional system. Perfect for new plants.

Improved Blast Freezing System: This new palletized blast freezer design cuts the blast freezing times while using less equipment, and less electricity. So you get a blast freezer that freezes that's more efficient, less expensive to install, and less expensive to operate. A 'Win-Win-Win' situation. Best of all, it's proven! We can show you a 100 ton system that's doing it right now!

A Patented Accumulator Design: This accumulator design minimizes the amount of ammonia in a system, perfect for the Lingelbach Refrigeration System.

A Booster Gas Desuperheating Coil.  This patented desuperheating coil is installed an evaporative condenser to remove the superheat from the booster discharge, this saving electricity on the high stage compressors. It also allows for the high stage compressors to run cooler.

An Improved Purge Connection:  This improved purge connection allows for a greater cushion of air to stage prior to purging, thus increasing the purge efficiency of your purging system.