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GREER SYSTEMS is the manufacturer of the best imbedded, stand alone, multi-purpose computer and gas detection control systems for refrigeration, building, environmental, management and process control for any and all control need. We don’t advertise “ NEW and IMPROVED” until it is “TRIED and PROVEN”. The “bull” stops here, with the longest full warranty available to date!

GREER SYSTEMS manufactures a true DDC computer control, not a PLC. We call it the CPU700. No computer is required to operate our system. Our CPU700 card is a true Computer Server complete with WEB Stack talking TCP/IP protocol. Unit comes complete with Modem connection so you can connect to your system from anywhere in the world via dial-up or the Internet using Internet Explorer. Our CPU700 will plug right into your companies LAN for your convenience to monitor operations and conditions from any of your computers. Unit also contains real time clock and battery backup on board to retain programming if a power failure occurs and brings system back up on line with no human intervention required upon restoration of power. The CPU700 also contains a Control Area Network for connection and control via CAN communications to any of (up to) 30 expansion control boards. This CAN network eliminates costly wiring runs over long distances where you need spot control of small areas such as roof top condensers. Each expansion control board can be up to 800 feet from each other or from the CPU700 main nest.

The main CPU700 control cabinet (BM4000) can be configured with up to 256 hard I/Os’ and each expansion control board (BM1200) has 42 I/Os’. With the possibility of a single control that has in excess of 1,500 control I/Os’ available, it is hard to think of any system we cannot control.

The control is written in plain English. The Control Program, Trend Logs of Temperature, Alarms Pressures, etc. can be printed out for records and documentation for your Company use or EPA, Workers Compensation considerations, etc.


100+ Years Of Combined Refrigeration
Knowledge And Experience

GREER SYSTEMS makes the complete range of peripherals needed for any control such as . . .

Analog Input/Output boards

Digital Input/Output boards

Screw Compressor Control boards

Converter cards

Ice Detectors

Gas Detectors

Temperature Sensors

And much more. . . .

GREER SYSTEMS can control virtually any process for any system and we have a saying . . .

If you can say, it we can do it !

We add to all of this the GREER SYSTEMS full THREE (3) year full coverage warranty for your peace of mind. We are the proud manufacturers of a 100% made in the United States of America product and are located in La Vergne, TN. just outside of Nashville.