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Complete Industrial Ice Making System
Ammonia Refrigerant

We are offering a complete ice plant operation for sale as a package. This would be an excellent opportunity for foreign or domestic customers who are looking for ice production for processing plants, etc. This ice is also used for packaged ice by some customers as well.

The ice machines we are offering are the Frick Model A300. We have three of these machines, with a combined capacity of 138 U.S. Tons of ice per day (approx. 127 metric tons). The ice machines come complete with stands, and we will include 1 lot of augers, primarily stainless steel, that were used with these machines to deliver the ice to parts of the plant. These machines are in excellent condition and were running when they were taken out. As mentioned, this type of ice machine makes shell ice, where the ammonia is sent down through the middle of the tube, and the water is cascaded down the outside in order to make the shell ice. With this type of arrangement, the problem of freezing up a tube is eliminated. We expect the machines to dump the ice approximately every 8 minutes. All the tubes are made out of stainless steel. The units would be shipped in pieces and will need to be assembled at the job site as they are far too big to be shipped assembled. We will provide what we can in terms of assembly drawings.

It should be noted that these ice machines have very few moving parts, other than the crushers and augers, the valves are the only moving parts.

In order to achieve maximum capacity, we recommend running this in a two stage operation. This is a far more economical way of running a plant of this type. To do this, we can offer four, 8 cylinder Vilter 440 model ammonia compressors for the high stage.

The compressors will be reconditioned and come complete with the following:
- New Base
- Used Motor (Starter not included, however it can be added as an extra charge)
- Compressor Flywheel
- New Belt Guard
- Reconditioned Stop Valves
- Oil Separator and Float
- Reconditioned Discharge Check Valve
- New Oil Cooler
- New Oil Heater
- Capacity Reduction Valves
- Compressor comes complete with a 90 day parts warranty

For the low stage, we can offer two Fuller/FES A150 rotary compressors. These compressors would be reconditioned and come with the following:
- Base and Belt Guard
- Motor (Starter not included, however it can be added as an extra charge)
- Compressor Flywheel
- Reconditioned Stop Valves
- Coolant Pump
- Reconditioned Discharge Check Valve
- Compressor comes complete with a 90 day parts warranty

We recommend that all the compressors be shipped individually, and installed at the job site.

Included in the entire package are two accumulators, a high pressure receiver and a condenser to handle the requirements. Included are all hand valves and control valves for the ammonia system. These valves will be reconditioned.

As an extra feature, we can offer a comprehensive computer controlled system, to operate the refrigeration equipment. This control system will operate every aspect of the refrigeration system. The ARESCO system is a PC based control system that communicates with Din Rail I/O. It is simple, uses a common PC (much like what can be bought at your local store), and uses inexpensive and easily replaceable Din Rail I/O modules. The system comes with manual backup capabilities, except for the operation of the ice machines, as manually running any ice machine is very difficult due to the ice making cycle. Translation to foreign languages can be done and all values can be converted to metric. You do not have to be a computer expert to use this system, simply point and click. Our control system is done in house, meaning that the same people who are designing the actual refrigeration system also do the programming. This means a complete system from one reliable source.

The entire control panel would be assembled and pre-wired. It will be completely tested and clearly labeled for easy wiring to all the components once on the job site. A complete operators manual will be included. Translation of the manual can be done.

On site support is available

We will provide schematic system installation drawings for everything from the refrigeration equipment to the control system. We will supply bolts for compressor flanges only. This is due to the fact that metric fasteners may be used, and it would be better supplied locally. Any valves or components for the water system of the condenser, pipe and fittings to interconnect the equipment, installation, enclosure for ice machines, insulation, electrical wiring, or anything else not mentioned are not included.

What we have to offer is a one stop source for our customers at a very reasonable price. Customers not only get a price advantage from reconditioned equipment, but also get a complete package from one convenient source. We go beyond selling the equipment, to engineering, controlling, and understanding the systems that is designed. We have over 50 years of experience in the industrial refrigeration field. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.