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Cold Innovation

Four Patents Awarded - One Patent Pending.

If Your Current Refrigeration Supplier Doesn't Innovate - You Pay!

Patented Innovations From ARESCO
Cut The Amount Of Ammonia In
Your System By As Much As ½.
The Lingelbach Refrigeration System: A revolutionary patented system that cuts the amount of ammonia required in a refrigeration system by as much as one half. This design is significantly less expensive to install, and eliminates ammonia pumps (But is not a Pumper Drum System). This design allows ARESCO to use smaller vessels, smaller pipe, and smaller valves, which means smaller welds, and smaller insulation. In short, you get a system that is less expensive to install, faster to install, more efficient, and uses roughly half the amount of ammonia as a standard liquid overfeed system.
Cut Your Palletized Blast Freezer Times By 1/3rd, And Slash The Cost Of A New Freezer And Blast Freezer.
The ARESCO's patent pending blast freezer system cuts the time for palletized blast freezing by as much as 1/3rd, yet requires less electricity. The design also significantly cuts down on the refrigeration equipment required, as well as significantly decreases the cost of the overall building due to the inherent nature of the design. Our design can literally save hundreds of thosands of dollars or more on a blast freezer / freezer warehouse or distribution center.
Increase The Efficiency Of Your High Stage System.
ARESCO holds a patent on an evaporative condenser design that features a desuperheater to remove the heat of compression from the booster compressors prior to the intercoolers. This removal of heat reduces the horsepower required on the high stage compressors, and reduces wear and tear.
Increase The Efficiency
Of Your Purger.
ARESCO holds a patent on an evaporative condenser connection that greatly increases the efficiency of a purge system. This design allows for a "cushion" area to allow for non-condensable gas to collect.
Use Significantly Smaller Vessels.
ARESCO holds a patent on a vessel design that works in conjunction with the Lingelbach Refrigeration System. This revolutionary vessel significantly reduces the amount of ammonia liquid kept in the accumulator/intercooler, while providing adequate separation space for the liquid to drop out, thus protecting your compressors from liquid.
Eliminate Hot Gas Defrost From Any Room 34 Degrees F Or Warmer
This innovation is one of our favorites! If your current designer is using hot gas on any room 34 degrees or warmer, then you're losing money daily. ARESCO's design does not allow for more than a thin layer of frost (Thus maintaining maxiumum coil efficiency), while eliminating hot gas, electric or water defrost. We never add a BTU of heat to a room, yet never stop refrigerating at anytime. It's not magic, just good engineering.