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ARESCO's Vendor Lease Program Offers It's Customers
A True Advantage

Before you purchase we recommend you consider ALL of your options....

1. Would you like a lower payment than a purchase payment?

2. Would you like little or no down payment?

3. Would you like to choose the length of the lease?

4. Would you like to have substantial tax benefits vs. a government depreciation schedule?

5. Would you like to lease used equipment as well as new?

6. Would you like the option of getting new equipment in a timely manner to stay current with technology? Include a computerized control system in the lease! Use Energy Savings to Help With The Lease Payments! With the control system lease, you can practically guarantee you will never be stuck with obsolete technology again, system updates and service can be included in the lease!

7. Would you like to include the cost of installation in the lease!

8. Would you like an option to purchase the equipment at lease end?

9. Would you like delayed or staggered payment schedules?

10. Would you like to talk to someone who can help you with your leasing decision?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ARESCO leasing is for you!

Funded by six national lending institutions, the ARESCO leasing program offers strategic benefits to all industrial equipment users, big and small, to help finance the purchase of NEW or USED equipment. Our staff will help you enjoy all the advantages leasing can bring.