Sabroe/Stal Compressor Packages offered by ARESCO

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If you're looking for Sabroe® compressor parts or full Sabroe® refrigeration packages, you have come to the right place. ARESCO specializes in helping clients choose the right Sabroe® compressor for the situation and ensuring that the first order for replacement parts is the right one. As a Sabroe® dealer since 1984, ARESCO offers the best value for, and most experience with, these advanced refrigeration systems.

What can you expect from this lineup of Sabroe® compressors? Timely acquisitions and ongoing research put this company in the lead for innovative refrigeration systems and components. The line of reciprocating ammonia compressors, for instance, includes some of the largest models available on the market. Sabroe® compressors took a major leap forward with the 1997 acquisition of Stal®, which secured the only available vertical screw compressor and secured their lead in screw compressor technology for the next century. Chiller packages are designed to order with the assistance of knowledgeable representatives.

Whether you're sourcing replacement Sabroe® compressor parts or implementing a full Sabroe® refrigeration system, ARESCO is ready to help. Contact a representative for consultation on your ammonia compressor needs.

Additional Information:

  • A Sabroe® compressor operates with internal oil pumps, low sound levels, simple oil circuitry and a unique, movable economizer port.
  • Chiller Packages ¯ Turnkey chiller packages are available for any operation. These compact units offer superior chiller capacity, flexibility, and a very small footprint for low construction costs.
  • Reciprocating Compressors ¯ Sabroe's® SMC line of reciprocating ammonia compressors stands above the rest. Featuring one of the largest ammonia reciprocating compressors in the world, the Sabroe® line of compressors is perfect for any operation.