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Seals. How many seals do you replace in your current ammonia pumps? Don't forget to keep the oil reservoir filled, otherwise you'll knock out another seal and cause a leak! Is this any kind of way to run a modern ammonia plant, especially in todays safety conscious environment? Eliminate seals in your liquid ammonia pumps with ARESCO and Sterling-SIHI!

The Sterling - SIHI line of liquid ammonia pumps are simply the best pump made. Period. Hermetically sealed with silicon carbide bearings, these pumps are built for long life, quiet operation, and they're made to operate where other pumps fail. And no seals! Sterling-SIHI pumps are maintenance free! These durable pumps are runners, with many applications running for 10 years now and counting without a penny in maintenance. Can your pump do that?

The redesigned CEH pump is designed for trouble-free transfer and circulation of liquid refrigerants such as ammonia and fluorocarbons. The CEH design provides a compact unit which

is leak proof, features a low NPSH requirement, and is cavitation resistant! The seal-less design eliminates costly accessories required for pumps with double mechanical seals, since refrigerant cannot escape and air cannot contaminate the system.

The CEH also features a magnetically driven shaft. When most 'canned' ammonia pumps fail, the faiulre is nromally in the motor. With the Sterling-SIHI CEH pump, the motor is a stantard NEMA D Flange motor mounted externally. If the motor fails, you can replace it without having to pump down!

Features: CEH
No shaft seals, leak proof
Balance axial thrust
Low NPSH Required

Attention All York IT Pump Owners!

The Sterling-SIHI CEH pump can also be ordered for high differential pressure operation, perfect for liquid transfer! Imagine a high pressure transfer pump with no seals! Eliminate the obsolete York IT pumps, and go with the modern, leak-proof Sterling-SIHI high pressure liquid transfer pump today!

Interchangeable parts
Maintenance free
Low vibration
Quiet – Less than 60 dB(A)
ANSI Class 300 flat face flanges

Technical Data:
Capacity: 120 GPM (28 M³/Hr)
Heads: 450 Ft. (140 M)
Temperature: -75°F (– 60°C) to 120°F (+ 50°C)
Pressure: to 365 psig (25bar) Viscosity: to 185 SSU Speeds: to 3380 rpm

Ductile iron pump with cast iron impeller, stainless steel shell, silicon carbide bushings

Note: Applications exceeding these ranges, please consult Factory

Accessories: Available upon request

If you've struggled with replacing seals, maintaining oil levels in stuffing boxes, or just plain poorly designed pumps, the Sterling-SIHI will be a refreshing change. Please call, fax, or e-mail for more information.