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Strahman Valves, Inc. offers a complete line of durable and dependable Liquid Level Gauges, for up to 4000 PSI. The unique design of the drop forged steel covers completely wraps around the sight glass. The one piece liquid chamber, a Strahman innovation, has recesses for each individual glass and gasket and prevents internal pressure from blowing out the glass or gasket. The covers and tempered borosilicate glass offer safety and reliability.

REFLEX TYPE: WIth flat reflex glass, liquid shows black.

THRU VISION TYPE: With flat plain glass, shows color and clarity of the liquid, or, interface between two liquids of different specific gravity.

LARGE CHAMBER TYPE: Designed for liquids that have a tendency to surge or boil, available in Thru Vision and Reflex Type

WELD PAD TYPE: Designed to be welded directly onto a tank or other liquid containing vessel where standard gauges are not practical.

External heating/cooling tubes
Internal heating/cooling tubes
Non-frosting plastic extensions
Explosion Proof Illuminators
Measuring Scales
Gauge Cocks
Flanged Connections

EXPLOSION PROOF ILLUMINATOR: The Strahman Explosion Proof Illuminator, Model XPI-20, distributes a uniform and brighter light for the entire length of visible glass. Illuminators are available for most sizes of Thru Vision gauges. UL Class 1, Groups B, C and D, and CSA approved, the XPI-20 is ideal for use in hazardous locations. The illuminator is available with either single or double reflectors, and for frostproof applications.