Offering The Fineset Design/Build Services For:

Cold Storage / Distribution Freezer Facilities

Processing Plants (Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dairy, Frozen Dinners, Etc.)

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When you need to build, add on, or modify your refrigerated plant in today's fast pace, ever evolving business climate, you need to make some big decisions. Can one company keep up with all of the latest technological advances you need in order to keep your business ahead of the competition? Can one company possibly know the latest trends in refrigeration, architecture, electrical engineering, process engineering, materials handling, etc? Would you trust your investment to a 'one stop' company, and trust that they are on the cutting edge of all of the diverse technologies that go into building today's modern refrigerated plant?

Who suffers if your plant isn't on the cutting edge?

Or would you benefit more from a team of companies, experts in their individual fields, who are committed to working together to bring you the best from their respective industries? Companies with proven track records, who when working together, bring literally centuries of combined experience together to work for you. Companies who are not 'Jack Of All Trades' in many technical fields, but 'Masters' in their own fields, working as a 'Dream Team' to bring you a project that is as technologically advanced and on the cutting edge as you can achieve. Companies who are committed to maximizing your competitiveness by optimizing the facility life-cycle cost through integrated, single point-of-contact, delivery and implementation. Companies who set the standards for the 'State of the Art'.

Now you can have this 'Dream Team' of companies on your side. ARESCO, Inc., the company you have known since 1984 to bring you only the best in industrial ammonia refrigeration, has teamed up with HDR Engineering to bring you the finest design/build team in the industry. Nowhere else can you find a dedicated team of companies that can offer you the most advanced, industrial refrigerated plants possible. With our combined experience, we can design what you need from conception to start-up, working closely with you. With our GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) program, we can preliminarily engineer your project, then calculate your Guaranteed Maximum Price for the entire proposal, so you know what your bottom line cost is going to be in writing! Domestic or International, no project is too large or too complex.

Please call if you have plans for or are considering a project. We are available to visit with you, at your convenience. We would be happy to bid any projects you may have, from plant additions to brand new plants, we can do it all for you. Give yourself peace of mind, and go with the largest, single source, design build teams in the world!