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This Means Different Things To Different People.
Here's What It Means To Us.

Everywhere you look, every refrigeration company in business is offering "Turn-Key" and "Design-Build" services to their customers. But the terms "Design-Build" and "Turn-Key" have become hollow, overused words that companies bend to suit their needs. If you look at what they are offering, you'll find that they their definitions of "Turn-Key" and "Design-Build" are very different from our definitions.

Many years ago, we would design the ammonia refrigeration system and the electrical controls, lay the equipment out, install the equipment, perform a start-up, and train the personnel. We were designing and building the system, so we were performing "Design-Build" services. We also started the new systems, in effect handing the system over to the customer so they only had to "Turn the Key" to use the system. Any refrigeration company who didn't perform these services didn't stay in business very long. If the customer had additional needs, such as structural, waste water, electrical, plant floor design, etc., the customer would have to look to multiple sources, and juggle multiple trades.

But times have changed, and so has our definition. When we say that we perform "Design-Build" and "Turn-Key" services, we mean that we now perform EVERYTHING.

When we say "Design-Build" and "Turn-Key", we mean:

Site Selection
-Waste Water (Very Important!)
-Sanitary Concerns





Construction and Commissioning

Plant Floor Design

Computerized Control Systems


Governmental Regulations


So when you comparing ARESCO to other companies, be sure to compare total capabilities, and find out what they mean by "Design-Build" and "Turn-Key". No matter what your needs are, ARESCO and our Team Members are able to perform every service you need. Don't be fooled by empty words.